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Hi, I'm Shira

Born and raised in Tel Aviv.  I recently graduated with distinction my MA in Filmmaking studies at The London Film School.

I'm a Filmmaker & Photographer with a background as a Graphic Designer.

In my films, I explore tragicomic darkness, the tortuous routes we take to intimacy in our isolated world, and the moments of magic and redemption that unite us.

As a photographer, I shoot all over the world, mostly in 120mm+35mm film rolls. I am passionate about travel photography, architecture, fashion, and the ocean.

I am always open for collaborations. CV  available upon request.

+972 545 887267

נעים מאוד - שירה חיימוביץ 
במאית וצלמת

קליפים, סרטים קצרים, פילם

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